Terms & Conditions

Fees – NO hidden fees!

  • The monthly fees for the various packages we offer, are mostly associated with the building, maintenance, security, upkeep, updates, upgrades and hosting of your website. In addition, you are paying for standby technical support for your online services (e.g. website, email, reservations system, etc.).
  • Reservation fees are simply 1.25% of any financial transaction that occurs through the reservation system. If you charge a card that is not part of the payment system associated with the reservation system, you will not be charged for that, beyond the rates your own provider charges.
  • We utilize Stripe as our financial partner of choice, with their common/standard rates of 2.9% and 30 cents per transaction. This fee is not our fee and is a common fee associated with conducting credit card transactions with major processors such as Visa and Mastercard. Stripe accepts all major cards. You may be required to follow a setup guide that allows fund management with our system to automate payments to us (1.25%).
  • Our 1.25% fee can be offset to the customer.

Website Changes

  • All website changes shall be efficiently managed by our staff, however, there may be times when delays occur due to high request volume or time constraints or requirements by clients. The average time for changes to take place shall be set at 48 hours, with some simple changes generally occurring within hours, and more complex changes within 48 hours or more. 
  • The complexity of changes and time management to complete such, shall be determined by our qualified experts.

Website Changes – Fair Use Policy

  • Our website change service is intended to provide the end-user with a way to change various aspects of their website to keep their content fresh. i.e. Prices, Features, Amenities, Office hours, Pictures.
  • Unlimited changes is subject to abuse. For example, if you have a major website overhaul in mind, you may be quoted custom fees to accomplish that, although it is likely we would not refuse your request, such customized requests may require an extensive commitment of work hours by our developers, and exceed the intent of our website change service.
  • Limitations shall be at the discretion of the provider (us), and if our staff believes that your request(s) exceeds the fair-use policy, you will be informed of such, and generally provided with an option to purchase the changes for an additional fee.
Website Hosting
  • Hosting is provided by us, through central providers such as AWS. We may or may not utilize CDN services depending on the need. While upload and download speeds are not guaranteed, we do ensure that they are suitable to provide a good experience to both the customer and the business owner during the course of business. Most of our services boast a 99.9% uptime rating. 

Refunds and Cancelations

  • We do not offer refunds because of the amount of work it takes our staff to process setups and cancelations. Therefore, if you are uncertain of proceeding with our service, it is advisable that you seek a monthly plan until you feel comfortable for a longer-term commitment, in which case you can seek yearly discounted solutions.
  • Cancelations shall be honored upon request, data shall be promptly provided (generally within a 24 – 72 hour window). Your data is will be generally provided in CSV format. 


If you have any questions about our Terms & Conditions, please contact our friendly staff at: support@rvbusinesstech.com